new album

Gone in April releases new album “Shards of Light” as well as new music video “Empire of Loss”

New album is out now!

Project Renegade from Greece

Alternative Metal band from Athens

New album from Temperance!

The album comes in January!

Nightwish shooting a new music video

New album will be released in 2020!

New single from Lacuna Coil

Check the video on YouTube!

Kobra And The Lotus-New album: Evolution

Evolution comes in September

The Mariana Hollow: New album & new single

Check the video on YouTube!

Dark Element: New album in November

Songs The Night Sings is coming!

Lacuna Coil: New album in October

Black Anima is coming!

Kai Hahto is the permanent drummer of Nightwish

Jukka stay in the background

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