Napalm Records

Dark Sarah-New album and worldwide contract

New album comes in July!

Ad Infinitum revealed their debut album

The new album is coming in April!

Eluveitie/Lacuna Coil/Infected Rain

Live review about the show!

New video from Temperance

The album comes at the end of January!

New album from Temperance!

The album comes in January!

Ad Infinitum signed to Napalm Records

Debut album coming early next year!

Infected Rain signed with Napalm Records

New album is coming soon!
New video is out!

Rage of Light-Fallen videopremiere

The album comes out at the end of March.

Rage of Light-Infos about the first album!

The album comes out in March!

“I stopped to listening to metal years and years ago” Exclusive interview with Tatiana of Jinjer!

An untold story, an unpublished interview revealed now!

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