Video premiere: Midnattsol-The Aftermath

New lyric video for the album’s title track

Liv Kristine: “The Leaves’ Eyes should have changed their name”

Interview with the singer!

Video premire: Midnattsol: The Purple Sky

The album comes in May.

Here is the new Midnattsol song

The album comes in May!

Midnattsol shooting their new video!

New single is coming!

Liv Kristine is working on her solo album

Liv sang her songs!

Midnattsol-The Aftermath tracklist

The new album comes in May.

Midnattsol: teaser for the new album!

New album comes in May!

Liv Kristine is the second singer of Midnattsol!

Liv Kristine is the second singer of Midnatsol!

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