melissa bonny

Ad Infinitum revealed their debut album

The new album is coming in April!

Rage of Light album & video release

The swiss trance/metal band released their first album

Rage of Light-Fallen videopremiere

The album comes out at the end of March.

Rage of Light-Infos about the first album!

The album comes out in March!

“My solo materials will be also metal” Exclusive interview with Melissa Bonny

The interview has made in Budapest

Concert Report: Temperance/Visions of Atlantis/Serenity in Budapest

Report from Dürer Kert about Symphonic Metal Nights

AD Infinitum: Melissa Bonny in solo

She introduced her solo project

Melissa Bonny in solo

Exciting news about the singer

Melissa Bonny: Wonder voice from Switzerland

Rage of Light & Serenity

Video premiere: Rage of Light-Judas

The band released a Lady Gaga cover!

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