Interjúnk Baumann Eszter Annával

Nőnapon beszélgettem a művésznővel.

Our interview with Pierpaolo and Lisa from Alchem

Nice conversation with the band.

“I stopped to listening to metal years and years ago” Exclusive interview with Tatiana of Jinjer!

An untold story, an unpublished interview revealed now!

“I’ve began to sing at the age of 14-15.” Exclusice Interview with Alessia of Temperance

Very great conversation with the Italian singer!

“Jomsborg is an epic saga”-Exclusive interview with Elina & Alex of Leaves’ Eyes

The interview has made in Barba Negra, Budapest

Tarja: Infos about the next album

Tarja teased some infos

Interview with Floor Jansen

Interview from

Imperial Age news

The live album coming soon!

New Jinjer EP in September!

The middle-album includes 5 songs!

Nightwish’s new album is almost ready

Interview with Tuomas

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