Jelena Dobric begins her solo carreer

The album is in the making!

Alissa White-Gluz would also be a poet

Alissa writes poems too.

Henriette Bordvik

Henriette Bordvik’s carreer from Sirenia to Asagraum and Abyssic!

Semblant will be back in 2018!

Mizuho Lin and the boys recording their new album!

Video premiere: Tarja-Feliz Navidad

Tarja released her charity song!

Tarja: That sounds “Together” with Charlotte Wessels and Elize Ryd

Tarja with Charlotte and Elize

Tarja: “My new Christmas album is a very personal piece.”

Tarja Turunen Interview



Half Past Dark

Exclusive interview with Chelson!

Hallatar-No Stars Upon the Bridge

Hallatar-No Stars Upon the Bridge

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