charlotte wessels

Delain-Masters of Destiny

New EP comes in February!

Kamelot filmed their new Live DVD

It was a very special night!

Charlotte Wessels: “We try to keep our productivity.”

In the fall they’ll release an EP!

Delain: “We are unbeaten together!”

Interview with the band

Delain: The new album is in the making!

Interview with Martijn

Thats how celebrate the holidays the metal ladies!

Christmas celebrations

Video premiere: Kamelot-Under Grey Skies feat. Charlotte Wessels

Christmas present from the band!

Tarja is preparing another surprises

Tarja’s expect the unexpecting!

Tarja: That sounds “Together” with Charlotte Wessels and Elize Ryd

Tarja with Charlotte and Elize

Delain is working on their new album!

Delain is working a new album!

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