Kobra And The Lotus-New album: Evolution

Evolution comes in September

Kobra And The Lotus: New video premiere and making the new album

The band soesn’t rest.

The Agonist shooting their new video!

New album is coming!

LEAH the metal ENYA!

New album comes out in October!

Video premiere: Kobra And The Lotus-Velvet Roses

The new video is now available!

Video premiere: Kobra and the Lotus-The Chain

The band covered Fleetwood Mac’s 1997 song

Kobra Paige: “Everyone deserves love!”

Kobra talked about the new album.

Arch Enemy-1996-2017

The new Box-set coming out on March 9!

Arch Enemy: Alissa says the new album is so great!

Interview with the singer!

The cover and the tracklist of Kobra And The Lotus’ new album announced!

Cover and tracklist of Prevail II!

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