Anna Kiraly’s Announcement

Her new projekt was born!

Kobra And The Lotus: New video premiere and making the new album

The band soesn’t rest.

The drummer of Xerosun left the band

The band’s story continued!

Isaac Delahaye launched the College of Metal

Let’s start to learn from a Master.

Ex-Libris began to making the second chapter of Ann

The second chapter is coming soon!

Nightwish to be re-release ‘End of An Era’ in December

Review the last joint show of Tarja and Nightwish again!

Heart of Pandora from Norway!

Cat is back!
Catherine Nyland & Pål Wasa Johansen from Mortal Love are back with new music.
Teaming up with Henning Ramseth as producer and co-songwriter.

Battle Beast announced European Tour 2019

First 33 shows are public!

Do you like Halloween? Dance with Skeletons!

Surprise song from Persona

Manuela Kraller announced her solo project

Alanae songs are on the way!

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