Symfobia from Slovakia

Symfobia is a symphonic-metal band from Slovakia and some of the members are Hungarian.

The songs are dominated by orchestral arrangements, prominent guitar solos and choir parts.

The band has used a professional choir, which is not common on the Slovak metal scene.

Symfobia is one of the few symphonic-metal bands in the world that has two female-fronted singers.

The band’s first music video:

The contrasting voices and the performance of the singers offer the band the opportunity to experiment creatively and to enhance the monumentality of the songs.

Lyrics for the band are written by talented text writer Rastislav Getta.

Symfobia’s songs push to change the minds of each and every one of us, to become conscious beings in the real offline world and not end up as slaves believing every message served up by media.

The depth of the texts is often hidden in metaphors referring to the concepts of a right attitude to life.

They draw attention to today’s diseases, such as loss of critical thinking, over-consumption, and environmental misconduct.


The band

Keyboardist František Molnár creates a band in which the style of music, aswellas, members changed over years.

Members have stabilized in 2013 when guitarist Milan Sitár, bass player Peter Bugár, singer Erika Strečková, drums player Vandy Pavol Prokop, and guitarist PiťukaVarga joins the band. The band starts working on their debut album.

Their Debut album was released in April 2015 titled Way of the Queen.

Since the release of their debut album, Way of the Queen, Symfobia has performed with world-famous metal bands such as Nightwish, Arch Enemy, Therion and Sabaton.

They toured with Tublatanka, Helenine oči and Citron. Since its inception, the band has performed at the biggest music festivals in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic – Topfest, Masters of Rock, More than Fest, Legend Festival, Rock pod kameňom and many more.


Cover of the second album

In January 2017 Petra Hasarová a Viliam Putz joined Symfobia.

March 2017: Video clip to metal ballad From the Ashes.

March 2019: Release of the second album Smog of Tomorrow.

Check out their latest music video:

Here is their latest lyric video:

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