Soon here is Elysion’s third album!

Elysion, lead by Christianna Hatzimihali, has become a favorite of many in recent years. The band with Maxi Nil, which was formed in 2006, first release, Silent Scream came out in 2009 and 2014, Someplace Better was brought to the store shelves. Since then, the team did not hear much about themselves, but on the first day of January, the righteous Greeks came up with fresh news.

“The Elysion family will send love and metal wishes in 2018! Everyone gets closer to their dreams! It will be a joyful year for us, we will make our third album! Happy new year for everyone, you will soon hear about us!”

– read the band’s message on Facebook.

2 Replies to “Soon here is Elysion’s third album!”

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