Song Premiere: Walk In Darkness-Welcome to the new world

The team led by Nicoletta Rosselini is currently working on their second album, which will be a concept album.

Musically, Walk In Darkness is a gothic metal band that combines dark melancholy with goth style and aggressive metal.
The lyrics are melodramatic, inspired by dark and epic themes. The themes dealing with this interpretation relate to the universal human being in the historical sense, independent of his existential path, with particular regard to the human condition and the fate of mankind.

The band’s music is spontaneous and improvised, modern, ancient and timeless. Because of the metaphysical spaces and the mystical emotions, it instincts instinctively in intense musical frameworks and impressions, completely detached from the “mainstream” from the point where Walk in Darkness decided to remain incognito in absolute anonymity.

That’s why musicians are faceless which is the obscure side of man’s perceptible depths in the everyday physical space that can only be perceived in the metaphysical dimension of music.

The band’s first album was released on February 17, “In The Shadows of Things”.

Their second album, whose title track was released on January 17th, will be released on February 17th titled by Welcome to the new world!


The cover of the new album!

The new music video has already been filmed!

The new song you can be listen on the following link:

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