Skarlett Riot-Regenerate

Modern metal from England

A young singer and her band from the english Scunthorpe started off the world after they had succeeded with their third EP, they had signed a world-wide contract with the swedish Despotz Records.
Their journey was not easy, a team was formed in 2012, their first EP, Villain with 6 songs released in the year of its formation. This followed by their first album, “Tear Me Down” via SR Records.
In 2015, another EP, We’re the Brave, is coming out with 5 songs.

Then a year later they will release their third EP, which will be successful. This is the Sentience.
Then contracted them with their current publisher, a Despotz Records. Nowadays, the team has become a higher-ranking band.
After signing the contract, they went into the studio to create their new album.
The material was harder, faster, but it was still anthemic elements that held this band at the forefront of modern metal in the United Kingdom.

The band has continually developed its style and ultimately decided for a more comfortable, darker and toughest costume and the opportunity for a band during Asking Alexandria, In This Moment and My Valentine Bullet.

The result is the new album: Regenerate.
From this album two songs and clips have been released. You can watch and listen to the first song, Break, while the second is the latest, Warrior.
We are looking forward to the sequel!


The cover of the new album!

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