Siren’s Cry is over!

Because of the disagreement, the band has disbanded!

The Austrian band has not heard about them for a long time. Since their 2012 album and the following tour, there has been silence around the band’s house.

The symphonic / progressive power metal genre Siren’s Cry was founded in 1999, but it did not run smoothly from their career, only Phillip remained. In 2002 they recorded a demo, the Center of Might, which was planned to be released in September 2003 but never appeared. In 2006, Katarina Bilak joined the band, her singer name was Katie Joanne, who also performed as a guest of Serenity at Metalfest 2011. In 2012, Siren’s Cry released its first and only album, Scattered Horizons.

According to the founder Philip R. Porter, after the 2013 Masterplant tour, disagreements and inequalities appeared within the team. As active members, he and Michael, the keyboardist remained. Then they sat down to talk about whether they could save the band. Over the past four years, they have been trying to find new musicians, and Phillip has had to travel to the United Kingdom for a business, which has delayed the process. Finally, they made the painful decision that the Siren’s Cry project is over.

Phillip renamed the Facebook page of the band to his own name, which is why he reasoned: as long as the team was still alive, he wrote many new songs for a possible next album. He will want to review, re-create, and publish these songs within his solo project.

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