Sirenia is working on the new album!

The latest studio album of the Norwegian-French formation appeared under the title Dim Days of Dolor. It was the first album ever which recorded by the new singer, the French opera singer, Emma Zoldan.

As is known, in 2016, the team’s founder, Morten, for a well-meaning reason, fired Ailyn from the band. The Spanish beauty was the frontwoman of the band for 9 years and made 4 albums together.

Then the chorist of the band, who was a member of the background choir for 13 years, Emma Zoldan took over the microphone. Emma is a well-trained and recognized opera singer in her country, so there was no question that her voice would huddle in the songs.

In October last year, we were a part of the Sirenia’s concert, with concerts with several other orchestras in the Dürer-Kert in Budapest.

A few hours ago, the team revealed on their Facebook page that they are working in the studio and writing new songs.

We still do not know specifics about the album, but as soon as we know something, of course we report it.

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