Simone Simons: “I’m a woman, but I do not always act as a woman.”

The Dutch Epica has been featured in the metal scene for 15 years. The team is example is how to show progress from disk to disk, to exploit creativity, and to re-win the hearts of fans.

The voice and face of the band is the 33-year-old Simone Simons, who grows into a mature little girl in front of the audience. At the Epica’s first album, The Phantom Agony, she was only 18 years old, and as she once mentioned, 15 years ago, she was available for every crazy things, she is now a responsible mother.

Most attention in the band is attached to her, so it is not easy to do it. In the TeamRock’s interview, she’ve betrayed a lot about herself.

“Rock has always been a man-oriented genre, and so far I get such rumors that “What the fuckin’ breasts and ass!” They’re yelling for me, but I’ve learned to deal with it. In recent years, I’ve learned how man’s brain works. a guy squatted to my ass, I turned around, banged and almost bitten in my face! My sense of humor helped me a lot later in dealing with such situations.”

-the singer laughed, then continued,

“I love fashion, I have a beauty and makeup blog, there the people doesn’t matter that I have a dirty mouth. I’m a woman, but I do not always act as a woman.”

Simone’s son, Vincent will be five years old, the boy’s father, the Kamelot’s keyboardist, the semi-Hungarian Oliver Palotai, with whom the singer has been living since 2004, were married in December 2013, two months after Vincent’s birth. Currently, the family lives in Stuttgart.

“I’ve often been taken my son for festivals,” he says, “I know that you are looking for your money this way”, and I’m trying to solve it with Oliver so that we can spend more time with him.”

Simone does not like the “female fronted metal” term.

“Not only female singers are in the metal, but there are great guitarists, keyboardists, and other musicians, so I do not like this word.”

Source: Teamrock

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