Shut up by New Year’s Day!

The band from the Orange County of California does not hear about itself often, but when they release a new album, they make a big deal.
They’re New Year’s Day, led by Ash Costello.
The band was founded in 2005, the band has released 4 albums so far, and their career really started in 2013, when their record, Victim To Villain, was released by Century Media.
The album landed on 45th place on the Billboard 200 list.
In the last 4 years, the band has released nothing except for an EP in 2018.
However, the ice has broken in the recent days, as their latest single, Shut Up, has been released, which following a new album at the end of April, entitled Unbreakable.
The band that has been undergoing a continuous exchange of members is working again on a great success, as they say they are unbreakable.

Check the new song below:

Pre-order the new album here!

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