Sharon den Adel: “I was close to burn-out a few years ago.”

The solo project of the singer of Within Temptation called My Indigo, and her first album is on store shelves on April 20th. Recently, United Rock Nations talked with the singer about how she has lived in recent years – the interview was taken over by Blabbermouth.

How did you come to the solo project?

“From my young adult age, Within Temptation has meant everything to me and I did not deal with anything else. This is my passion and I really love it, but things have happened in the last few years, which I didn’t have time to process, and I lived the culminations and depths of life. My dad was very sick, and then came the block that prevented me from writing new songs. I didn’t know how to go on, I had a lot of fun in what I wanted in the next 20 years.”

Then came the recognition: she had to create some other music as her team played, since Within Temptation couldn’t express herself with the epic, powerful and lofty music of her, she didn’t feel that line would be the right one. Earlier, she said she was uncertain as to whether she wanted to continue as a band singer, whose Sharon was the founder, face and voice since 1996.

“I was not able to write typical Within Temptation songs, I needed something easier, and I was hoping to re-discover the magic of the Within Temptation song!”

My Indigo was a kind of therapy for Sharon. According to her, the project consisted of extremely personal things in which she faced herself.

Of course, she also spoke about the new Within Temptation album:

“The new album is going to be released sometime at the end of the year. It will be a big surprise for everyone.”

The band’s latest Hydra record was placed on the shelves of the stores early in 2014 and those tour was very successful.

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