Serenity, Temperance & Visions of Atlantis are on tour!

The female metal fans will be delighted, because some bands are on tour in Europe with some guests.  On November 2nd, the Dürer Garden Budapest will honor three teams: Austrian Serenity and Visions of Atlantis and the Italian Temperance within the framework of the Symphonic Metal Nights tour. Plus, it’s good news that Tales of Evening is also presenting their third album of Light on Light at this event.

It is interesting to Serenity that Clémentine Delauney, who is the singer of Visions of Atlantis, Melted Space and Exit Eden, had heard her voice in the band, but at this time, on the concerts are being upgraded by the Swiss Melissa Bonny (Rage of Light). Visions of Atlantis’s new album, The Deep & The Dark, was released in February, with the Milan-based Temperance recently replaced by their frontwoman – formerly Chiara Tricarico was the female voice of the band. From the On Jubiter’s And Moons album, the Overtures’s background singer Alessia Scolletti is the frontwoman. Beside the three teams, the Viennese Dragony will be the guest.

Here is the flyer of the tour:


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  1. […] They announced recently that they will perform at Szombathely in late May and will also perform in the autumn with the Italian Serenity and the Austrian Visions of Atlantis in the Dürer Garden. […]

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