Semblant will be back in 2018!

The new album is on the way!

The Brazilian Semblant band, lead by Mizuho Lin, became internationally renowned in 2014 when they released their Lunar Manifesto album, including three songs, What Lies Ahead, The Dark of the Day and Incinerate which appeared in music video format.
The band was formed in 2006, then Katia Shakath was the singer. The 2008 EP and the first album, Last Night of Mortality, released in 2010 were recorded with her. After that, Katia left the band and replaced her by Mizuho Lin, and the new EP, Behind The Mask, released in 2011 and the well-known Lunar Manifesto album in 2014 were already made with her.
Since then, the team has traveled around the world with their tour of popularity. Also, there was very little to hear about them.
Now, on their Instagram site, they announced that they are making a new record and are constantly rehearsing. The team left their bassist on the road, so they have been working without them ever since.
We still do not know about the specifications, so we know from the posts that the Dark / Gothic metal-playing gang will produce a new material that expecting next year!

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