Save the magical locations of Aleah!

Annoying news about Juha Raivio, (Swallow The Sun and Hallatar) guitarist on Facebook. The Finnish-born musician who lives in Sweden lives next to a forest, which was one of the favorite placesof his Trees of Eternity partner, Aleah Stanbridge (1976-2016). And the sad news is that the Swedish government want this little forest to be dumped.

“Hi, please help me save Aleah’s forest before the Swedish Sveaskog company kills it and destroys this magical forest that is directly next to the village, next to our house and inspired lots of music that we’ve written, with wonderful landscapes and lakes. it will look like a war zone, the earth will be completely destroyed by the huge machines, there will be no birds and other animals at home. It is really my heart that I will have to see this and not only here, but everywhere and shame on you Sweaskog.”

– began Juha his rows, who betrayed that he had ridden a lot with Aleah in the woods, the trees inspired the Trees of Eternity’s album, Hour Of The Nightingale songs, but inspired of the Swallow The Sun’s lyrics. It turned out that Aleah, who had died two years ago in cancer, also produced the promotional photos of the latter team in this little forest.

The forest next to Ramshyttan is so special to Aleah and Juha, so the guitarist and Aleah’s mother, Gillian, have launched a petition, and please write as many as possible HERE!

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