Sanctorium announced a new double album

The Sanctorium has just announced that they are preparing for a new album.
The Russian symphonic power metal band launchen a Crowdfounding Campaign on Indigogo in this regard.
It was already known that they are making a special disc.
We didn’t have to wait a long time, it was announced at Christmas that they were surprised their fans with a double album.

You can find the campaign here and also you can find any other infos there!

The album’s title is: Ornaments.

You can read the tracklist below:

CD 1
1. Intro
2. The Space Between Us
3. No More Pain
4. The Arcane Way
5. Autumn Elegy
6. Libria
7. As The Snowflakes We Melt

CD 2
1. Knight And The Lady’s Honor
2. Mokosh
3. Night of Ivan Kupala
4. Tonn Chliodhna
5. Siberia’s Calling (instrumental)
6. Shadow Of Blades
7. The Song Of Bograd

8. Эй, ухнем (bonus track)
9. 朝顔 (Asagao) (Japanese bonus track)

Cover of the album

The band is reserve the right to make changes to the track list.

Please support them and help to them to achieve their goals!

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