Raise Your Banner with Within Temptation

After two decades, Within Temptation is ready to break with the past.
The band has never been bounded by frontiers but by expanding their horizon, the band gave its creative writing process a new blast.
And you can tell: new influences on “Raise Your Banner” (feat. Anders Fridén) are merged with the recognizable melodic synths that have marked the band for decades.

RESIST is an utterly distinctive metal record that takes inspiration from our modern and future society – both musically and personally – and casts it into mind blowing arrangements and dark melodies.

The first single, The Reckoning is already known.

WT has now released the second single, Raise Your Banner.

Like the first single, the team was made first a lyric video for the single, and then came the official video clip.

The band was filmed the short movie with the help of band members and fans.
The video is very futuristic, because is about a robotic war.

The song featuring by Anders Fridén from In Flames.

You can check the video below:


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