Rage of Light-Fallen videopremiere

The Swiss Rage of Light will release their first album on March 29th, which is named Imploder via Napalm Records.
There are three songs on the disc that we’ve known before.
These are I Can, I Will, Mechanicals and Thunder of The Thundergod which is an Amon Amarth cover.
All three songs received new mixing and mastering.
Earlier we had the opportunity to listen to the teaser of the album and the pre-ordering has launched too.

Cover of the album!

Artwork by: Gustavo Sazes

If you missed the teaser, check it here:

Here is the tracklist of the album:

1. Light
2. Enraged
3. Fallen
4. I Can, I Will
5. Away With You
6. In The Shadow
7. Battlefront
8. Imploder
9. Mechanicals
10. Nothingness
11. Twilight of The Thundergod

The band recorded a live video on their first live show on which the sound wasn’t too good, but the show had forgotten everything.

Now, however, it’s time to listen to the first new song on the album, called Fallen.

Check the video below:

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