Rage of Light album & video release

The Rage of Light arrived at a milestone the day before yesterday.
Their first album was released via Napalm Records, which was named Imploder.
There are 11 songs on the album from which 3 are already well-known songs (I Can, I Will; Mechanicals; Twilight of the Thunder God)
The first song (Light) is a lightweight Intro, and then the album will bea real metal thunder and as the members promised, we hear a very powerful and very percussive album. The songs are heavier then the previous.
The title song is an instrumental piece that is also very tough.
The album is 10/10!
They’ve already released a song called Fallen, which was now followed by Battlefront at the time of the album release.
You can watch the video at the following link:

The cover of the album

Order the album here!

“While some may hesitate to give the band a chance due to the heavy electronics use, Rage of Light do it right on Imploder. Their heavy metal spirit reigns supreme through the bouncing and upbeat electronics in a way that never feels hokey or tacked on. An elaborate fusion that takes the best of both worlds, Imploder sets the stage for Rage of Light to provide an outlet that’s both new and exciting. One that can bring heavy metal into an entirely different direction in the future.”

Napalm Records about Rage of Light

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