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The Swedish Draconian made a big announcement recently.

They’ll be release their new album very soon, which according to preliminary news will be better than any of all the previous albums.

So far we have heard two songs from the album:
Sorrow of Sophia
Lustrous Heart

The band commented about Sorrow of Sophia:

Sorrow of Sophia was the first lyric, and one of the first songs written for Under a Godless Veil.
This was years ago now, and I remember I’d just finished a lecture on Gnostic cosmology by Terence McKenna.
He’d been speaking of the goddess Sophia’s ordeal and her story affected me on a very deep level.
It’s sad yet heart-wrenchingly majestic bringing all of existence into it.
I knew I had to do something with it for Draconian as I was already having a few of Johan’s new song-ideas.
This sparked what was later to become a whole album inspired by this story.
It started here, with this song.
Sorrow of Sophia is a complex song about a complex spiritual being.
With it comes a diverse nature consisting of an initial minimalist soulful expression to feisty, heavy riffing with a harsh demonic formula to post-rock melancholia and symphonic soundscapes.
Heike’s pure and crystalline vocals are beautifully entrenched holding the very spirit of the song.

Sorrow of Sophia:

Video by- and featuring Natalia Drepina Photography

Lustrous Heart:

Lyric video created by Filip Fougstedt
Directed Filip Fougstedt & Anders Jacobsson
Music by Johan Ericson
Lyrics by Anders Jacobsson and Miguel Conner

Under A Godless Veil
Release date: 30.10.2020 via Napalm Records


1. Sorrow of Sophia
2. The Sacrificial Flame
3. Lustrous Heart
4. Sleepwalkers
5. Moon Over Sabaoth
6. Burial Fields
7. The Sethian
8. Claw Marks On The Throne
9. Night Visitor
10. Ascend Into Darkness

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Photo by Natalia Drepina Photography

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