Phantom Elite signed with Frontiers Music SRL

The Phantom Elite band has not been very popular lately.
Each member was busy with their own project.
Recently, however, another photo was released showing the band’s only 3 members.
Former After Forever guitarist and producer Sander Gommans only works with the team in the background.
The singer Marina La Torraca, Max van Esch (Guitar) and Joeri Warmerdam (Drums), and Sander are currently working on completing their new album, due out next year.
The band was happy again with the signing of a multi-album contract with Frontiers Music SRL.

The band’s next album will be released via this label.

Originating six years ago, the seeds of Phantom Elite sprang from Sander Gomman’s HDK project.

While releasing the HDK album “Serenades of the Netherworld”, Gommans brought together a group of young musicians with the intent of playing HDK’s songs in a live setting.

The natural chemistry among these passionate musicians wound up sparking a wealth of new and exciting musical ideas and Phantom Elite was born.

“With the backbone of a sure-fire label and its decades of history-making in the music business, we are proud to present the release of our next album in 2020.
Impacting songs where modern meets symphonic and progressive, (very!) heavy riffs meet epic melodies, overloaded with a wide spectrum of emotions and love for music.
For sure, a high note in our career!”

The debut album “Wasteland” (2018), and the accompanying well received tour of Europe, showed that Phantom Elite is ready to take flight.

The band’s Frontiers debut, and second album overall, is anticipated to be released sometime in 2020.

Marina talks a bit about the partnership with Frontiers Music SRL next album, and who Phantom Elite will be working with in the following video which you can watch here.

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