Our interview with Pierpaolo and Lisa from Alchem

Alchem is an Italian prog rock/metal band from Rome.

Their first album entitled Viaggio Al Centro Della Terra.
It is a very special material.
The album is produced by The Triad Rec and distributed by Maculata Anima Rec, Hellbones Records and Black Widow Records.

It was pleasure to make an interview with the band’s two column members, Pierpaolo Capuano (Guitars, Drums, Flute; Songwriting) and Annalisa Belli (Vocals, Keys; Songwriting, Lyrics).

Luca Minotti (Bass & Programming)

You can read the interview below:

1. Please tell me about the band.
When did you formed and how did you get to the first album?

“Thank you for talking about us. The band was formed in the 90s, we were very young, from creativity of Lisa (singer and song writer) and Pierpaolo (guitarist, music author and riffs). We are founders of this project and successively we began to collaborate with different musicians that have been part of our way for short or longer periods, until recording of first demo, autoproduced in 2005, entitled: Demo 2005.”


2. When and where began your musical carreer?

“It started at around the mid-90s, at first only with Pierpaolo and Lisa, writing a lot of compositions realized for the first demo then, with the first positive reviews and very interesting lives around Rome where we took our first steps.

Pierpaolo Capuano (Guitars, Drums, Flute; Songwriting)

3. I listened to your CD and discovered a very interesting sound world. What is the basis for this sound?

“Listening to a lot of music we have metabolized what our listenings were the most frequently, that is’ metal and prog, we grew up with the great Italian progressive groups, those that have made school in the world, but also with the best metal bands of the 80s, so ours sound it’s varied with many influences, when we write we don’t decide what to play but only what flows spontaneously, consequently, our songs can have many nuances that can be deduced and also find within a single song. Maybe not belonging to a single genre can displace, but a careful ear can be,interested or even, as you say, fascinated by this proposal which is varied, but still recognizable by our style.”


4. The album also contains English and Italian songs.
How did come the idea to make songs in both languages?

“I think that in music there’s not limits or border of language, it can seems strange, texts were spontaneously created in the language that they believed more suitable. They have chosen to be in italian or in english. In the past, my opinion was that english language was more suitable for the rock, but passing time, my way of see this is changed, maybe because my italian language, art, literature and studies. I have written, and I’m writing novels in my language, so I’ve been looking natural alternate the two languages.

Lisa (Vocals, Keys; Songwriting, Lyrics)

5. All songs composed by you.
Who are you working with?
Are there guest musicians or are you playing on all instruments?
Do you also make the studio work entirely?

“All the songs, since the band was formed, are written by Pierpaolo and by Lisa, lyrics only Lisa, but in our latest work “Journey to the Center of the Earth” we gave compositional space also to Luca, the third official Alchem who also took care of the mixing and editing… I take care of guitars of some lines of keyboards and of the flute, Lisa composing sounds and keyboards, naturally with the voice building melodies and lyrics and Luca that in phase of recording plays bass and all the other instruments that can be heard on the record, like hammond, mellotron, cello, keyboards, piano and other that will be able to find out, who will listen to the job, as well as the missing parts of the battery. In the last album there are many collaborations, I quote for all the presence of the magic violin of “Emian Pagan Folk” played by Emilio and in the same song the bass of the master Diego Banchero leader of “Il Segno del comando”, but there are also other appearances on the album.


6. What are the plans for the future? Is there a new album in sight or maybe a tour?

“We plan to record more tracks, and we’re looking for a new drummer for live shows.”


7. Who are your idols? Which artists do you like?

“We have listened and we have been listening many music, our genre is rock, progressive rock, Metal in various forms, celtic and really many, many others, really many to be mentioned all. We also like to listen to musicians and bands not mainstream. Underground is full of excellent bands and projects, we propose and promote a lot of music in a radio program, on air in streaming, called “Wisdom Talk” presented by Lisa and our dear Andrea, co-producer of our last album for his independent label: “The Triad Rec” founded together with Daniele, two very good guys with our same passion.”


Thank you so much the interview and good luck!

“Thank you so much!”

Pierpaolo & Lisa
Cover of the first album

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