Otep Announces a U.S. Tour

We’ve already introduced earlier the American OTEP band, who are now heading to another Headliner tour in the United States this fall.
The tour starts on 23rd of November in Bakersfield and ends on December 23rd in Salt Lake City.

Guests: The World Over, One Day Waiting
The tour is made by Otep’s latest album, Kult45.

The band’s comment:

“In a time when apathy has been weaponized to suffocate the voice of the people, in a time when Americans are told not to believe what we see with our own eyes but to believe what one bloviating sack of sewage and a gutless Republican Party who care only about preying on the working class and the working poor just to feed his KULT from the same gruesome trough of racist, homophobic and sexist slop. We are proud to bring THE ART OF DISSENT tour to the people to hopefully remind them just how powerful we are and how important we are, as a nation, as a democracy, and that it’s damn well worth fighting for.”

Dates and stops are available here!

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