Old-New projekt by Floor Jansen

Floor Jansen has a successful career since becoming the After Forever singer in 1997, which team decided in 2009 after the vocalist drama (mental exhaustion). Subsequently, she founded her own team, ReVamp, but after the release of two albums in 2016, they announced that they would not continue to play together.

The reason for the latter’s elimination is quite straight forward: Floor has been the singer of Nightwish since 2013, so she probably did not want to try to get her out of the most popular metal band in Finland – although they specifically asked Floor not to split her band out of Nightwish.

The Dutch singer, meanwhile, has recently given a thorough interview with Metal Hammer, not only about her career covering nearly two decades, but also about having been in any bad situation over the years, too stubborn to quit playing music, decided to raise it to a higher level. As a result, she has recently announced that in 2008 with Jørn Viggo guitar player started working on a projekt, which was named Northward, but they has not been hired with it since then.

Now, ten years later, it was decided that it was time to make their first album, as they say they have cast lots of great songs on paper that would not be presented to the public. Floor also said that after singing the songs again, they realized they had a much better sound than time when they were done.

“We are very happy and excited to release this rock album via Nuclear Blast Records. They accepted the challenge of getting this non-metal album to the world. We both put our hearts and souls into this album. We are very proud of it and we look forward to presenting it to everyone!”

-said Floor about the album which will be release in this year.

Interestingly, in the new project, her husband, Hannes van Dahl, also took part as he made the promotional photos, as it is well known that the Sabaton’s drummer is perfectly fit for photography.

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