Oceans of Slumber-New album in March

The latest album of the Texas band led by Cammie Gilbert was brought to the store shelves in the winter of 2016. The band also made their new work, which will be released on March 2, with the title “The Banished Heart”.

It is genuinely difficult to distinguish the band’s music, as both of the dark, doomed, atmospheric, Gothic lines are present in the songs as well as the tough, dynamic, progressive elements.

Cammie, the wonderful voice singer, talked about the new album:

“We are only trying to create “real” acting music, but this time we discovered new depths and we were submerged in the soul of ourselves to find what was unknown to us and to bring it to the surface. Sometimes life requires places where you can hide where you can take the mask of denial … But not in this case … For we have now decided to remain awkward and alarming for us and discover the darkness, emptiness and hope routes; for ourselves, but for everyone who has ever been in such a severe spiritual darkness. “

The new material will be highly tensile and the first clip, which was made from the song The Decay Of Disregard, was released in December.

The band has told about the song:

“Regardless of the serious ups and downs of the year 2017, we’ve managed to get something out of what we can be very proud of. Something that is astonishing from aural and visual point of view, which overwhelms us in this respect and we’ve created a record that symbolizes the window of time, a chronicle of everything that has characterized our lives in the past year – an album that we can rightly call home. “

Here is the cover and the tracklist of the album:


01. The Decay of Disregard
02. Fleeting Vigilance
03. At Dawn
04. The Banished Heart
05. The Watcher
06. Etiolation
07. A Path to Broken Stars
08. Howl of the Rougarou
09. Her in the Distance
10. No Color, No Light
11. Wayfaring Stranger

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