Noora Louhimo: The next album will be 100% Heavy Metal

In February 2017, the Finnish Battle Beast latest album, Bringer Of Pain was brought to the stores’ shelves, with which the band achieved incredible success. Noora Louhimo, the band’s singer, has betrayed her work on their new material, whose songs are in a demo stage.

“I can not say anything yet, but I’m betrayed: 100% heavy metal!”

-said the singer.

The band is in the company of Delain and Kamelot, and the Antihero Magazine received Noora for the microphone, who said the following:

“When I was in the band six years ago, I did not think this would be the longest >> relationship I’ve ever had.” (Laughs) The Bringer Of Pain album has even more intensified this feeling in me.”

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