Noora Louhimo: “After the first show I felt that I was born to this!”

Since 2012, Noora Louhimo has strengthened the Finnish Battle Beast, who replaced Nitte Valo behind the microphone. MIC Studios got Noora on the microphone, who talked about getting into the team – the conversation was also taken over by the online magazine Blabbermouth.

“In my hometown, Tampere, I sang in different bands and Janis Joplin was my idol. On Youtube you can heard me a lot of video and the Battle Beast found me in this way. They asked me if I wanted to join them.”

– the singer resurrected the beginning.

“At first I thought this was a stupid thing, (Laugh) and then I got a phone call from them that we were leaving for a joint tour of the Sonata Arctica in just a month or so, they needed a singer, I was with them, I said okay, okay. after the first concert I felt: I was born to this!”

-she continued, and you must know about the singer that she had never sung metal before the Battle Beast.

“I knew the guys on the first tour, and I saw them first, but it turned out that the week I was asked to be a member of the team came to Tampere, and at a local bar where I sang, they looked at me. Everything happened so quickly.”

The band is currently producing their new album, their latest release the Bringer Of Pain was released in February 2017.




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