Nighwish-Trailer for Decades!

In March, Nightwish will be launching a 9-month tour in the United States, with a special feature that will be played on rare occasions. In the framework of the concert series, Floor Jansen and the band will also visiting Budapest.

The band will release a special publication for fans on March 9th: Decades will launch a package of double CDs, which can be called a best-of-breed album, as the most successful songs of the formation, which formed in 1996, will be the discs.

Tuomas, the founder and songwriter of the band, has betrayed this year: the tour will be completed in 2019, the new album will be recorded in 2019, with six songs already written and is expected to be released in 2020. In addition, he also wants to deal with his Auri project next year, in which with his wife, Johanna Kurkela, singer and Troy Donockley, his bandmate in Nightwish, plays various instruments.

The official trailer has finally arrived for the Decades, which you can watch on Youtube:

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