Nightwish’s first show in Atlanta

On March 9th, started the Nightwish’s Decades tour’s North-American leg in Atlanta, Georgia. The setlist was very varied, and fans were surprised by such songs as The Carpenter, Sacrament Of Wilderness, End Of All Hope or Elvenpath. That songs have not been played by the band for more than 10 years.

The Decades album was also released on that day, with the most successful songs of the band. The next studio album was promised by the band for 2020, as they will be hosting this year with the tour, and next year they will pick up the new songs – Tuomas, the band’s songwriter has been ready with six songs.

Here is the setlist of the tour:

01. Swanheart
02. End Of All Hope
03. Wish I Had An Angel
04. 10th Man Down
05. Come Cover Me
06. Gethsemane
07. Élan
08. Sacrament Of Wilderness
09. Dead Boy’s Poem
10. Elvenpath
11. I Want My Tears Back
12. The Carpenter
13. The Kinslayer
14. Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean
15. Nemo
16. Slaying The Dreamer
17. The Greatest Show On Earth
18. Ghost Love Score

And here are some videos:

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