Nightwish’s book is finally in English

The Finnish Nightwish celebrates the 20th anniversary of its 1998 Oceanborn album, which is recalled by a double compilation album, Decades, and a world tour.
On the occasion of the anniversary, earlier a book was published, which was only available in Finnish in the first round.
The book was written by Timo Isoaho and titled by We Were Here.
Then they promised that the book will be prepared in English as well.
A couple of days ago, came the news that the English version of the book was prepared, which you can order from here and from the official Nightwish webshop!


The band’s new album is expected in 2020.
As Tuomas promised they’ll record the new songs next year and the new album will be released early 2020.
thatswhy next year Floor can also deal with her new project, Northward and Tuomas & Troy can spend more time with Auri.

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