Nightwish shows the new T-shirts

You can buy the clothes from the band’s webshop

The Finnish / Dutch band will announce the stops of their next year’s tour, and although there is no information about the Hungarian concert for the time, the team will visit several European countries in 2018 after the North American tour.

After the band’s latest studio album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, last year hit the Vehicle Of Spirit DVD, and now they have new stuff for their fans. The band has designed a unique T-shirts for each studio album that represents the cover and the symbol of that publication – here we can order the garments.

This year, the band has not been idle, Tuomas and his musician Troy and his wife, Johanna Kurkela, have created the project called Auri, which has already completed the recordings of their first album. Floor Jansen singer in March gave birth her first daughter, with Sabaton percussionist Hannes Van Dahl, and Emppu with Brother Firetribe even visiting Hungary, and Marco performed with Delain in Europe.

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