Nightwish: New album in 2020!

Tuomas Holopainen has dealt last year with the Auri project which formed with his wife Johanna Kurkela and his Nightwish companion Troy Donockley. The band’s record arrives in March, and we have already seen and listened the first song, Night 13.

Tuomas interviewed by Radiorock, where he talked not only about plans for the formation that he founded last year but also about Nightwish.

The musician betrayed: for a long time he did not feel that he had to write Nightwish songs, and he had experienced a minor creative crisis. It is a fact that with the album Endless Forms Most Beautiful, which was released in 2015, the band has now reached its twin culmination, and the founder-songwriter has raised the question: where and how?

“With the Endless Forms Most Beautiful album, I felt that we were accomplished, especially with the last song, The Greatest Show On Earth.” When we finished with Auri’s album, I gave a chance for Nightwish, and then I found myself in the Heaven. I’ve been writing for six songs, and this year will be on the Decades tour, and most of it will be finished by 2019. We will go to studio and 2020 the new album will be ready. Not earlier.”

You can watch this video on Youtube:

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