Nightwish: Here is the 3rd trailer for the Decades album & We Were Here: a Book about the band!

Nightwish celebrates the 20th anniversary of its first really successful album, Oceanborn this year. On this occasion, on March 9 2018, the new compilation album, Decades will be release, with songs from the anniversary album and the band’s most powerful songs. It is a special feature that old songs are singled out by Tarja and Anette. Why is this we can learn from the third trailer that came out few days ago. Tuomas is also talking about the remastering of the old songs.

In the previous two trailers, Tuomas has talked about Nightwish’s evolution.

At the end of February, a book about Nightwish, titled We Were Here, appeared for now only in Finland and first only in Finnish, which was featured by Floor on her community sites! The singer also talked about the book that the book would later be available in another languages, as the translations are in progress.

Floor wrote the following words to the book:

“Even without understanding the text the pictures took me on a road down memory lane. It looks amazing and is a beautiful diary for me, something I can show to my daughter when she’s older and say: “this is your mom and this is what I did” proudly! A memory for everyone involved (We Were Here) and a great insight in our world for those who weren’t there.”


The new trailer is the last one before the release of the album. The release of the album is followed by a nine-month world tour that is being launched in the United States.

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