Nicoletta Rossellini take a part of the Vivaldi Metal Project’s live band

The Vivaldi Metal Project was set up in 2013 in the head of the Italian pianist and composer Mistheria.
The musician’s favorite is Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, which is the foundation of the whole project.
Their first and only single album, which is the title of Four Seasons, is released in 2016, featuring 14 songs that includes 12 songs based on the original Four Seasons composition and two brand new songs.
A total of 130 musicians and classical and metal singers have been invited from all over the world to be the members of the live band of this project.
This year, among others, the Italian Nicoletta Rosellini has been honored to be a member of this great team of artists during live concerts.
The singer has proved her talent several times.
On her Facebook, she described being very happy and looking forward to the shows.


Nicoletta Rosellini

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