News about the next Nightwish album

The special tour of Nightwish is still present, which symbolizes the popularity of the most popular songs of Decades album. As is well known, the formation will be make a new record, so far it is only known that it is planned to be in the store shelves in 2020.

The founder of the team, Tuomas Holopainen, has recently given a short interview with a number of topics, but he told some infos about the new novelty:

“We are still in the songwriting phase. I’ve written the material, I do not know, seventy-eighty percent of it. But for now, no one has heard anything yet. They do not know the titles of the songs, or what kind of theme they are working on, or anything else, even in the early days. But it looks good and I look forward to what will be the end result. The plan is to go back to a rehearsing camp in the summer of 2019, start working on the new album, pick it up, and if everything is scheduled to go, the album will be release in spring 2020, which will of course be follow by a hearty tour.”

– said the songwriter who also said that Jukka Nevalainen is not sure to return behind the drums, as his sleep problems is still ongoing, in fact, at the beginning of the year he had to work on his hands, so his position will continue to be filled by Wintersun’s drummer, Kai Hahto.


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