News about Aya from UnSun!

About Anna “Aya” Stefanowicz we were not in a very good state. The Polish UnSun was founded in 2006 and released their first album, The End Of Life in 2008, but their real successes were released in the 2010 Clinic For Dolls album.

Then a long silence overlooked to the band’s house, and then Aya, the singer announced in 2014 that her state of health did not allow her to sing. Polish blushing was attacked by a neurological disorder that first caused chronic changes in its limbs and then spread to its neck and spine. For the singer, the simplest moves have been cruel, and though she has been on regular treatments with her husband, the other founder of the band, Maurycy, her condition has not improved much.

Recently, the sick singer once again reported on a Facebook post in February:

“Guys, I’m sorry I can not answer each other individually. Thank you for your continued support in the last difficult months and years.
I have a number of health problems, my spine is causing my nerves to fall, my Hashimoto syndrome (chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland), which has many unpleasant symptoms. I can not use my voice because it causes pain. My doctor says I used my voice to overwhelming on UnSun’s first tour or used inappropriately. My spine is associated with muscle weakness or muscle stiffness that radiates into my neck, I regularly take painkillers that have produced other things, such as lung-esophagus and heart problems, but they are too personal to list them.”

For Aya is waiting a surgery that will affect the neck section of the spine in order to eliminate the collapse of the vertebrae (spondylosis).


However, the 35-year-old singer is very active mentally: she started studying in IT, and if she can not return to the stage in a couple of years, she is trying to get lucky in this business. UnSun was disbanded in 2016, but Aya wants to release her previously recorded solo songs, and her husband is working on a new music project, but he has not promised anything.

Aya’s surgery will be in July – she wants her fans to pull to her.

Get well soon Aya!

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  2. Hello. impressive job. I did not anticipate this.

  3. Delmy Ginoza says:

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