New song from Sharon Den Adel

The singer of Within Temptation announces the third song of My Indigo’s solo project. The new song called “Someone Like You” has released few days ago, and the first solo album of the Dutch singer will be on the stores shelves on April 20th.

This project plays a completely different kind of music than Within Temptation. Sharon had previously revealed that after the tour of their latest album, Hydra, she went into a minor crisis and became a creative crisis, she was not sure whether she wanted to continue as a singer of the band.
As she said, she had to “have to love” the band, whose shape, from 1996 onwards, is her face and voice. Plus, her dad was ill, which further exacerbated Sharon’s depression. Eventually she got herself together and started writing songs – My Indigo was a therapy for the singer. It also turned out that Within Temptation’s new album is being produced, and in Hungary this year again, the band in the Tüske Hall will give a huge show.

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