New Meteora video

The Hungarian Meteora band from Budapest playing symphonic metal was founded in 2010 and their debut album, Our Paradise, was released last year. The team’s work is influenced by Nightwish, Epica or Xandria.

Recently we made an interview with them in S8 Underground Club, Budapest!

“From the founding members of 2010, Máté Fülöp (bass / brass) and Atilla Király (ex-guitar, synthesizer) remained in the team and they were complemented by Noémi Holló (vocals), Csaba Solymosi (solo guitar) and Gábor Kása (drums). We could hardly categorize Noémi’s soft female vocals with the growles of Maté and we mix it with power, gothic and symphonic elements. Our first EP the Price Of Salvation appeared in 2014, with the former members and our first album in 2017.”

– you can read this on the band’s Facebook page in their introduction.

For their song, End Of Eternity, they have created a lyric video that you can watch on Youtube.

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