New Beginning: Interview with Anna Király

Anna was known as the singer of Sorronia, and we have been interviewed several times. The rumor that Anna has become the new frontwoman of Ideas, replacing Anita Kun who is left the band after 13 years, has been blown up. We talked with the young talent again.

Thank you for talking again! How do you feel now? How did you get the chance to sing in the Ideas?

I thank you! Very well, thank you very much! Fortunately, it’s all good now!
The Ideas boys were looking for me and I was very happy about it. I consider them to be great musicians and people, and I have the honor to have it!

What about Sorronia?

Sorronia is exists, though it is currently inactive. I have no plans at the moment what the future is, what will happen next.”

Irish dance, which is your other great passion, also gives you a lot of work, have you been on a tournament recently? Do you sporting something else besides that?

Irish dance is a tremendous love for me! I go weekly single and group lessons and I take it very seriously. It gives a lot to both body and mind. I compete, I have came home from Prague in the recent days and fortunately I have done great, I’m proud of it!”

According to the news, you started writing songs from the new Ideas album. Are you also taking part in songwriting?

That’s right, we go to the studio soon to record the first song, from which we will make a surprise too. I’m responsible for lyrics and vocals, so I take my part from the songwriting process.”

You are teaching singing in an international school. Do your students know you’re singing in a metal band?

“Yes, they know! 🙂 They are very curious so I showed them songs and they liked them.”

What music are you listening to in your free time? Who inspired you and the band members?

I like and listen many genres from different genres of metal, to classical and folk music. I get inspiration from many sides and this is very good. The boys are the same way.

Thank you for your interview and we wish you many success.

“I thank you for the opportunity!”


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