New bands: Fenix Tales

The Italian Fenix Tales was founded on January 1, 2008 in Florence.
Musical style is Gothic Opera Metal.
Record label is Black Widow Records.
The most influential of their music is Epica, but the classical, celtical and progressive elements can be found in their songs.
First album, Abyss Eye, was released in 2015.


The band’s frontwoman, Lucy


From the first album they was made a video from the song A Dolls Dream:

And the second song from this album was LCI:

Since then, the lineup has been renewed and the new members enrich the band’s sound with fresh effects, which makes the second album more complex and exciting.
The new album will make their own sound a hundred percent and will be released next year.


On May 28 2018 they performed on the main stage of FIN.


The band was performed on August 3rd on the Symphonic Metal Show.

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