New album from Temperance!

There has been a major change in the life of Italian Temperance lately.

They signed to Napalm Records and started working on the new album.

The last couple of months have been in the works, with their male singer Michele becoming a singer at Visions of Atlantis and touring and making a new record with the band.
In recent weeks, the band’s newest album Visions of Atlantis has been released and the band is back on tour.
But a few days ago, the news broke that Temperance had finished with its 5th album.
The new album will be entitled Viridian and will be released on January 24, 2020.

you can see the tracklist below:

1. Mission Impossible
2. I Am The Fire
3. Start Another Round
4. My Demons Can’t Sleep
5. Viridian
6. Let It Beat
7. Scent Of Dye
8. The Cult Of Mystery
9. Nanook
10. Gaia
11. Catch The Dream

Marco Pastorino’s comment:
(He is the guitarist, singer and main composer of Temperance)

“Finally the time has come: VIRIDIAN is ready to see the light of the day! We’ve worked hard during the last year to write our best songs ever. This is our heaviest album so far, yet with a lot of melodies, vocal harmonies and epic modern metal hymns! The recording process was super fun and we really enjoyed finding new, different ways to express ourselves with our music. We really can’t wait to spread VIRIDIAN all over the world on the next tours – stay tuned for more exciting news!”


Cover of the new album

Pre-orders available soon!

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