New album from Elysion

The Greek Elysion has been in existence since 2006 and began their career with a singer Maxi Nil who left the band in 2008 for the Austrian Visions of Atlantis, which was the band’s frontwoman until 2013. Christianna Hatzimihali was replaced with the band’s debut album Silent Scream in December 2009.

The record was a huge success, making the band a favorite for many people. Their next title was named Someplace Better and released in January 2014.

Christianna previously revealed that she and Maxi Nil are very good girlfriends and she had a lot of help from her to the songwriting. As far as singing is concerned, Christianna has been living in music since her early age, since her father was an opera singer, but she had never been to vocal teacher since she was 15 years old.

The Athenian band has not heard about themselves for along time, but recently Christianna has given a small interview to the Rock Overdose magazine about the plans. By 2016 it was possible to know that they’ve working on the third album, but so far no specific information was available about the publication.

“I do not think there is a >> mandatory << time for when the bands are release albums.”

-began the singer.

“Now is the time to create new songs, we record our third album, we are constantly creating new things, and it takes time. We’ve been working with the same record label for 12 years, and to they also fit our job profile.”

Christianna also commented on the emergence the appears of female metal bands in recent years.

“It’s good if the female vocalists support each other. We have never competed with other ensembles, but we do our best to deal with our own things, but if anyone needs help, we are ready to help. It may sound strange, but I never felt that.”

We’ve also learned that she started turning to metal in her adolescence, and Iron Maiden is in one of her favorites. Her father was mainly surrounded by classical music, and rock, metal, was perceived as a “forbidden fruit”. Among the women’s singers, Inno Moments and Halestorm are especially fond of Christianna.


Nowadays, sexism is often included in the media. Do you know any atrocity Christianna?

“Never with the band. Just like a private person, but it’s not related to music.”

Finally, it is a good advice for novice singers:

“Ne hagyjátok, hogy bárki irányítson Benneteket!”


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  2. This is a impressive story. Thanks!

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