Netta Skog suffering Endometriosis

We recently announced that the accordion of Ensiferum, Netta Skog left the band. The team signaled that they were in good relationship and did not get together.

But a few days ago, on themusician’s Facebook page she reported that she was suffering from a serious illness, endometriosis. This is a gynecological disease, in which the mucous membrane present on the inner surface of the uterus is normally found outside the uterine cavity. Most commonly affects the peritoneum, which lays inside the abdominal cavity and covers the pelvic organs. Endometriosis is one of the most common causes of painful menstruation. The main symptoms of the disease are abdominal pain and infertility. Diagnosis of laparoscopic examination of the abdominal cavity plays a decisive role. Medicines (eg hormone preparations) and surgical methods are used to treat it. (Source: Wikipedia)

The musician emphasized that she still can work the same way she has ever done and live full life.

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