Nervosa: New album was released!

We recently reported that the Brazilian trash metal band, Nervosa, plans to release a new album on June 1st.

Later, the band’s first video clip was released too for the song Kill The Silence!

On June 1st, as the girls promised, the new album, Downfall of Mankind, was released. The promise of the girls was faithfully born of a wilder, faster and more mature soundtrack. The 14-song material begins with a very hard Intro, from which the first song, Horrordome, is a bit more wilder and faster than ever before.

This following the first single, Never Forget, Never Repeat, which ripples with the speed of a racing car.

Fernanda’s growling has developed a lot and we can proudly say that they did not give the album a chance.

Enslave is somewhat slower, but power and energy are coming out from the song.

Bleeding begins slower but than the girls step on the accelerator pedal and running through the song fast.

Vultures is a truly mature sound that proves that girls had developed a lot in the past two years to bring together a more powerful and energetic album for this year.

This followed the first video song, Kill The Silence.

In No Mercy, there is no grace, Fernanda and the girls doing everything and release everything.

At the beginning of Raise Your First we hear Martin Luther King’s famed speech as if someone were switching the TV back and forth.

Fear, Violence and Massacre really made terrifying and violent.

If there is violence, then there is a conflict as well. In the song “Conflict”, girls will not be troublemakers. Surely they will enter the conflict!

This followed the only Spanish song Cultura do Estupro, which is also a very hard and wild song.

Selfish Battle is the bonus track of the album, where we can hear Fernanda’s clear voice!

All in all, a perfect record is made by the girls, which does not have to worry about anything.

Can the Moshpit start?


The girls immediately started to tour in Europe after the release of the album. Next to us we can see them in Austria on Kaltenbach Open Air, as well in the Czech Republic on Masters of Rock and on the Death Coffee Party. But soon they will come with additional dates, so it is not excluded that we will see them again in Budapest!

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